Boat Review: Lagoon 42

New additions to our fleet – 2017

She is the only Catamaran available for bareboat chartering from the mid island.

She is fully loaded with all the latest electronics and 
all the luxury one would expect in a state of the art catamaran 
from CNB Lagoon.

Design & Construction

The underside of the gullwing bridgedeck was configured to minimize pounding in rough seas; the glazed vertical windows that bend around corners cut down on heat inside; the composite bimini angles up, giving the impression of suspension; and the circular coach roof forms a compound curve all around the cabin house.

A structural center beam adds strength and also secures the forestay fitting, the anchor roller and an anchor chain well that runs atop the beam rather than below.

On Deck


On deck

The deck is dedicated to improved circulation from one end to the other. The transoms are wide enough to preclude any embarrassing moments boarding from a dock or dinghy, and just two low steps lead up to the single-level cockpit. Here a dinette to starboard will seat eight, a lounge to port will be cozy for two, and another small seat spans the space just ahead of the davits.

Despite its ample size and power, the boat can be easily sailed singlehanded.
Steps also lead up to the coachroof for access to the boom or the integrated sun pad.

The helm ergonomics have truly been optimized, from the centered window cut into the composite top that provides a clear view of the mainsail, down to the many handholds for anyone who doesn’t have a grip on the wheel.

In contrast, there are no handholds mounted on the coachroof itself, although you can run your hand along its finished bottom edge and steady yourself as you move forward. That’s slick, but so is its curved two-foot edge comprised of smoothly finished fiberglass without antiskid. Not only will this surface be slippery for anyone up top, it’s hard to climb up onto the high cabinhouse from the foredeck, especially with wet hands and feet.

Call us now to book your charter for the 2017 Season! – Toll Free 1.877.754.8601

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