10 Reasons to be an Adventure Traveller in 2017

Now it is a well-known fact that the great outdoors is good for you – body and soul. Getting away from the humdrum of day to day life, and getting back to basics is a dream for some.

So imagine how happy you could feel on board one of our yachts surrounded by the beautiful Canadian mountains, waters, and forests.

Well luckily for you, you don’t have to just imagine! Just in case you still have your doubts, here are our top 10 reasons to dive into adventure travel this year:

1.Improved health
Being out in nature is thought to help with conditions such as heart disease, attention deficit disorder, and obesity. It is also good to get out there, hiking, biking, yachting, whatever takes your fancy, all comes doctor recommended!

2.You can do it, whoever you are
Unlike many activities, adventure travel in nature has levels suitable for any age or ability. Yachting is a perfect choice for the whole family. It is particularly beneficial for the young and the old with Nanaimo Yacht Charters you will have access to some of the most pristine spots.

3.Better brain function
When you get to a certain age, a part of your brain called the hippocampus gets a little smaller, and this can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Just an hour of walking every week can improve memory retention and can help keep you mentally healthy as well as physically healthy!

4.Gives you a better ability to cope
Adventure holidays are full of unknowns. You will learn to cope with unexpected situations when out in nature, especially when yachting. You may have to take a different route due to the weather, or avoid a certain area due to an animal sighting. The possibilities are endless, and not only is that unbelievably good fun, it is great training for back home!

5.You get to try something new
With all those unknowns, you will undoubtedly get to try something that you have never tried before. The most exciting thing about adventure travel is getting to try a different way of life for a while.  If you have something in particular in mind that you would like to try out on your trip, speak to one of the staff members here at Nanaimo and we will try are hardest to make your dream a reality.

6.Allows time to reflect                                                                                                          Adventure nature trips allow that breathing room, space for reflection, and therefore an opportunity to learn from the past and find solutions for the future. Giving yourself that reflection time is of up most importance for success

7.It builds confidence
Every journey changes you, and makes you more confident to push forward with your life. You dream, then you plan, then you are there, and then when you get home you share your magical memories, and that little cycle is quite the confidence boost.

Adventure nature travel helps you realize that what we have is precious, and inspires you to take positive action. When you become a part of nature, you can’t help but feel inspired to ensure future generations will have the same blissful experiences as you.

9.Renews adventurism
With all the amazing technology that exists in the world, the desire to stay inside is stronger than ever. Especially for children. A trip like this can remind you how amazing and wonderful being out in the real world is, and that no virtual reality experience or movie can come close.

10.That all important time out
Okay, so that is what all holidays are for. But with adventure nature trips you get fully immersed in your here and now. Other holidays keep you connected to the real world through WiFi, TV, and the like. It is easy to give in to distractions when surrounded by bright lights and so much noise, but with a nature holiday you can truly switch all that off and get some well-deserved time out.


Dive into Adventure

Yachting is ridiculously relaxing. There is just something about the combination of fresh air, and lapping water that helps your shoulders drop and breathing soften. You can leave all your stresses and worries on the shore and watch them slip away over the horizon.
Do something different to help re balance your life, book yourself a yachting trip with Nanaimo Yacht Charters.

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