Boat Review: Lagoon 42

New additions to our fleet – 2017

She is the only Catamaran available for bareboat chartering from the mid island.

She is fully loaded with all the latest electronics and 
all the luxury one would expect in a state of the art catamaran 
from CNB Lagoon.

Design & Construction

The underside of the gullwing bridgedeck was configured to minimize pounding in rough seas; the glazed vertical windows that bend around corners cut down on heat inside; the composite bimini angles up, giving the impression of suspension; and the circular coach roof forms a compound curve all around the cabin house.

A structural center beam adds strength and also secures the forestay fitting, the anchor roller and an anchor chain well that runs atop the beam rather than below.

On Deck


On deck

The deck is dedicated to improved circulation from one end to the other. The transoms are wide enough to preclude any embarrassing moments boarding from a dock or dinghy, and just two low steps lead up to the single-level cockpit. Here a dinette to starboard will seat eight, a lounge to port will be cozy for two, and another small seat spans the space just ahead of the davits.

Despite its ample size and power, the boat can be easily sailed singlehanded.
Steps also lead up to the coachroof for access to the boom or the integrated sun pad.

The helm ergonomics have truly been optimized, from the centered window cut into the composite top that provides a clear view of the mainsail, down to the many handholds for anyone who doesn’t have a grip on the wheel.

In contrast, there are no handholds mounted on the coachroof itself, although you can run your hand along its finished bottom edge and steady yourself as you move forward. That’s slick, but so is its curved two-foot edge comprised of smoothly finished fiberglass without antiskid. Not only will this surface be slippery for anyone up top, it’s hard to climb up onto the high cabinhouse from the foredeck, especially with wet hands and feet.

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Not only is she new, she is the only Catamaran available for bareboat chartering from the mid island.

She is fully loaded with all the latest electronics and all the luxury one would expect in a state of the art catamaran from CNB Lagoon.

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The curvaceous Lagoon 42 replaces the iconic 420/421 and fills in the gap between the French builder’s 400 and 450 models. It’s not only a great addition to the product line in terms of length and price, it represents a fresh take on catamaran livability and ease of sailing, especially in light air.

Besides aesthetics, weight reduction and performance are another focus of the design. The VMG Soromap mast, for example, has been moved aft to open up the foretriangle and allow for more downwind sail choices. This aft position also keeps the weight centered to reduce pitching, and allows the boom to be shorter and the mast taller for a higher-aspect-ratio sail plan. Add to that a self-tacking jib that moves on a track forward of the mast, and easy single handing becomes a real possibility despite this cat’s size. During a light-air test sail on Miami’s Biscayne Bay, the boat proved remarkably nimble for a cruising cat, especially given the trouble larger cats can have in these kinds of conditions.

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Sail Training

Learn to skipper or crew a sea going yacht, while sailing in the Gulf Islands or in the waters surrounding Vancouver Island BC.

Our sailing school, based in Nanaimo (Vancouver Island) offers Power and Sailing courses for individuals, couples or families, we also have summer camps for teens and kids.

Our boating and yachting school’s certification programs range from basic to advanced and include a Yachtmaster course that sails around Vancouver Island. (We are CYA, ISPA, IYT affiliated and recognised)

We have a wide range of Sailing courses team of specialist Sailing Instructors/coaches their job is to help you succeed.

Basic/Competent Crew
Sailing Courses

Perfect for those at the beginning of their sailing or powerboating career – these courses take you from nothing to providing you with confidence.
Duration – 5 – 7 days depending on the course/s selected
Pricing – The price of our standard Cruise and Learn includes the provisions, yacht and instructor.  (50% non-refundable deposit guarantees your place)

Courses on offer:


Basic CYA Sailing Course, (Evenings & weekends)

CYA Basic/ISPA Competent Crew and Day Skipper

CYA Basic & Intermediate/ISPA Competent Crew & Dayskipper Power Boating Course

Women Only CYA Basic/ISPA Competent Crew & Day Skipper Sailing Course

Custom Sailing Course

Intermediate/Day Skipper
Sailing Courses

Ok – you know how to sail and now you want to get more proficient or maybe you want to charter and need certification?
Duration – 5 – 7 days depending on the course/s selected
Pricing – The price of our standard Cruise and Learn includes the provisions, yacht and instructor.   (50% non-refundable deposit guarantees your place)

Courses on offer:


Basic & Intermediate Power Boating Course

Intermediate Sailing Course – Cruise & Learn

Coastal Navigation

Women Only Sailing Course

Custom Sailing Course

VHF Radio Course

Sailing Courses

You can sail you have extensive experience and now you want to do the real deal or you want to get certified.
Duration – up to 14 days depending on the course/s selected
Pricing – The price of our standard Cruise and Learn includes the provisions, yacht and instructor.   (50% non-refundable deposit guarantees your place)

Courses on offer:

CYA /ISPA Advanced Sailing Course

Yachtmaster Offshore Sailing Course

Custom Sailing Course

VHF Radio Course

Sailing Instructors Course

All about accreditations for the

1. CYA – Canadian Yachting Association
2. ISPA – International Sail & Power Association
3. IYT – International Yacht Training

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Combining Yachting and Nature in Vancouver


Nanaimo is an ecological treasure trove of life. The beauty of the region and its wildlife is a major draw to many who embark on a boating holiday in the area. And this is why we all must work together to protect the natural environment from several human and non-human threats.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThere are a number of wildlife reserves, nature parks, and a lot of different tour companies that operate within the Vancouver Island Region. There are also a variety of protection groups and environmental steward groups who work to ensure the natural diversity and beauty is protected.This is important work. Without groups like this it could be said that habitats would be in great decline, and there would be less for travellers to see!

As we know, nature and its inhabitants evolve, grow and move to suit the changing environment. Across the region we can now see a number of non-native species. The American Bullfrog, the Rock Dove, the Snapping Turtle, and the North American Opossum are some particularly intriguing examples. These new beautiful beasties are protected under the Wildlife Act.

There are also a number of wildlife rehabilitation programmes for indigenous species who are under threat from manmade habitat destruction or problematic natural phenomenon. One particular problem of late is not a decline, but in fact an increase in the number of wild cougar sightings. This is down to an increase in black-tail dear which is prey for the cougars. The food chain is a magical mechanism.

BaldEagle-NorthCentralVanocuverIslandThis has however lead to some controversy in the area as many people who have seen the dangerous looking cats in heavily populated areas are calling for a cull. Something environmentalists and conservationists are dead against. Groups opposed to the culling have suggested other measures to get on top of the problem such as birth control in the deer population.

Conservationists have been out on the ground setting humane traps which are constructed with the aim of capturing and relocating the animals. But locals are concerned more by the number of deer, as it is believed the predators will keep coming back whilst there is a large amount of prey for them.

Nature sometimes throws us problems such as this one. But there is one thing worth remembering – they were here before us. All animals are entitled Our magnificent wildlife_5342555466_lto use of the land we have taken over. Therefore the safest and most moral way to move forward is through humane methods or trying to steer nature – not disrupt it further.

Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay said: “There’s just simply too many of them and they’re starting to bring some challenges to the community, some real safety challenges”. It is a concern that a cull is too controversial and also expensive and so officials are consulting with the community. It is estimated that a quarter of Canada’s 4,000 cougars are currently living on the island.

As well as the nuisance cougars, you can find wild bears, eagles, and mountain goats aplenty across the region. There are a number of specialist wildlife parks and tours which you can take appreciate nature at its finest.

??????????????s{"focusMode":0,"deviceTilt":-0.04232639819383621,"whiteBalanceProgram":0,"macroEnabled":false,"qualityMode":3}Bears are also under attack in the region. Nanaimo based charity ‘Bear Matters’ works to try and put a stop to the ruthless killing of Grizzly Bears in the region. They work to conserve the bear population by providing a forum to raise awareness, fundraising, research, and working with other bear conservancy agencies around the world.

The charity argues that bears are highly evolved, intelligent, sentient beings that are a critical part of the natural environment. They have been active in helping to draft wildlife policies to promote the protection of bears through a reduction in human-bear interaction. Several species of bear are currently under threat. Whilst sailing around the isles you can often spot a bear catching his dinner on the shoreline. It is a magnificent sight, and one we must protect.

otter visitors_6550119291_l

As a visitor to the region you have an important role to play. Visitors must appreciate the natural environment whether that be on land or at sea. It is the golden rule to leave places exactly how you found them – reduced human impact is a key part in protecting these glorious species so that next generations can have the pleasure of visiting them in their natural habitats too.

Why not keep a record of all the different animals you come across during your yachting trip to the Vancouver Isle. Conservation organisations love it when people record sightings, but also it will be interesting to compare what you see with the next time you visit!

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Sailing Holidays in Vancouver with Nature Protected


A new initiative is afoot in Nanaimo. A leadership group is looking to build relationships between Nanaimo businesses like ourselves and the indigenous population. So much of Vancouver Island is reliant on the outstanding natural beauty of the area, but the rich cultural heritage embodied within that is too often ignored.

Sunset-from-Portland-Ilsand_5436825263_l-300x200The initiative entitled ‘Toolbox for Change: a Local Perspective on Indigenous Culure’ launched this month (May, 2016) consists of a series of cedar boxes being sent to various points in the community via a mobile library. These boxes hold a whole host of interesting artefacts including books on indigenous culture to help educate the wider community about this group of people.The boxes themselves have the beaver, the eagle, the raven, the bear, and the wold on the box – these animals symbolise the main family groups of the nation.

Instigated by the Leadership of Vancouver Island – a leadership development programme in the area, the project aims to reconcile some difficulties between indigenous populations and the new settlers. Tara Plett, spokeswoman for the initiative said how the initiative is mainly aimed at the over 25s, as there is a gap to bridge in the knowledge of younger and older generations.

The suite of tools will enable people to educate themselves and then move forth and develop positive relationships with the First Nations community. Literature includes items on cooking, protocol with the elders, and other history. The boxes are artistically designed and so are intriguing and interesting to the user. The passing of knowledge is an important part of indigenous culture and so the project is using known and appreciated methods to link the two halves of the community together.

20130516_205149-300x225The First Nations in British Columbia refers to a number of ‘First Nations’ governments and peoples in the province of British Columbia. These groups
are comprised of Native Canadians who are affiliated into tribal councils groupings. Among the many ethnic groups counted in in the First Nations include the Haida, Coast Salish, Kwakwaka’wakw, Gitxsan, Tsimshian, Nisga’a.

In British Columbia there are over 200 First Nation groups. Each of these fascinating groups has its own language – the mind truly boggles. There are also a wide array of traditions linked to each of these individual groups. The one thing that unites them all, and them with us too, is their deep love, appreciation and connection with nature. The rivers, mountains, forests, wildlife, and the glorious oceans on which we all enjoy yachting are all of pivotal importance to the various tribes.

When travelling on the seas around Nanaimo, it is important to take a step back, take a deep breath of the glorious fresh sea air, and feel that you are part of something bigger. Appreciate the history of your environment and respect it to protect its future. The Aboriginal Tourism organisation have a series of shows and events across the year for interested visitors and locals – check it out here.

Businesses that participate in the much anticipated project will receive official stickers to show they support the toolkit and are on board with the change, support and reconciliation agenda that is the underbelly of the campaign.

Sunset-from-Portland-Ilsand_5436825263_l-300x200The Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre who are working closely with the group to implement the programme always have a broad range of activities on for aboriginal families and interested parties. They work with elementary school age children, host family nights, do educational outreach, soccer tournaments, youth mentor schemes, literacy programmes, and also provide scholarships.

Here at Nanaimo Yacht Charters we endeavour to be part of the community. As a result we are very much behind this project, and encourage anyone travelling with us to spend a bit of time getting to know the history of the beautiful Vancouver Isle and its people. We want Nanaimo to remain not just a great place to sail for the weather but also for the amazing scenery. Nature at its’ best.

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The Nanaimo Marine Festival started in 1966 as a celebration of Canada’s 100th birthday and will be 50 years old in 2016. Happy Birthday! This year’s festivities will be held from the 21st of July to the 24th. If you are on a yacht charter holiday throughout this period, the event is really one not to be missed – especially for boating enthusiasts.


nanaimo-1d3d05f54ccfcbeb2a451312fdabcdfa-333x500The main course of the festival if you will, is most certainly the world renowned Great International World Championship Bathtub Race. Last year saw a change in how this race ran. Previously racers would end their journey at Departure Bay beach, but despite that glorious bit of irony it was changed to mean both the start and finish lines are situated at Maffeo Sutton Park. It was believed this change was made last year, to iron out any potential difficulties before the celebrations of 2016 hit.

Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society member Bill McGuire says the change was made because people viewing the race would often only watch the start or the end. Now viewers can more easily see both, which is of course a more pleasurable experience. Not only is this better for the people watching the race, but it is easier for the racers themselves too as Departure Bay has grown busier and busier over the years. This may be something you have experienced on your own yachting adventures in the area.

dsc_1316Last year festival goers were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental Ranch Point for the navy. Naval history forms a big part of the culture around Nanaimo, and any chance to celebrate it is always taken up with enthusiasm. This year however, will all be about celebrating the race itself, as it forms part of the maritime history of the area. The bathtub race itself is usually held on the Sunday, but the full plans for this special year are yet to be announced.

Always an occasion with more to enjoy than the boats, there is sure to be spectacular firework displays, delicious foods, and beautiful decorations all around the bay. The Marine Festival in Nanaimo really does but Nanaimo on the map for boat enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. The event attracts thousands of people from around Vancouver and much further afield such as Australia to partake, watch the race, enjoy the company of other boat lovers, and revel in the generally merriment.

367cruiseThe race itself can get quite tense, competitive, and very exciting. There have been years where racers have raced on land by foot after the boat race is complete to try and best each other and determine finishing position when it has been too close to call. As well as the fun of it, there is often a serious message behind many of the racers too. It is not unusual for those who take part to utilise the opportunity for some fund raising for local charities or causes that are close to their hearts.

at-anchor-2-490x500As well as individuals, the boat race is entered by community groups, NGOs, businesses, and even local government officials. It is thought of as one of the best events for bringing all strands of the community together – and that means travellers too! Nanaimo is known as a warm and welcoming place to visitors, and nowhere is this more on display than at events such as the Marine Festival.

So when yachting in Nanaimo in July, make sure to enjoy the four days of summer festivities island-style. The festival is a great place for families too with a number of arts and crafts stalls, an entertainment stage, a children’s tent, and a delectable supply of food vendors and even the odd cheeky beer garden. It is also a place of knowledge with information stands and safety displays aplenty, as well as information on military history and the numerous water sports on offer around the area.

fiery-sunset-montague-harbour_5437433134_l-300x200It is not just the race area that comes to life over this four day. The city centre in downtown Nanaimo is also awash with activity from farmer’s markets to parades, light festivals and fireworks to music performances. Whilst yachting in Nanaimo in this period, you can be sure that whether your travel party is young or old, the family or your partner, you will not be short of things to do.

Read more about the event here.

Nanaimo Marine Festival is an institution, and something the locals look forward to all year round. It is a favorite for our yachters, and we here hope that the event will continue for many more years to come.

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As well as the variety of nightlife available in Nanaimo, perfect for when you are on the deck of your yacht, having a few drinks with your friends, and the rum runs out. There is a different kind of bar which you must check out whilst in Nanaimo.

This bar is a decadent, creamy, chocolatey indulgence certainly not for the faint of heart.
The bar originated in Nanaimo itself – hence the name! It dates back to the early fifties in the Edith Adams cookbook (14th edition) although there was some controversy when Nanaimo-bars-500x499someone claimed it was published in a newspaper earlier under a different name such as chocolate slice, or fridge cake. Who knew baking could be so catty?

It has since appeared in numerous cookbooks across the globe in its various forms. It seems to be a favorite among the ladies – so gentleman, why not try making your own version to impress the lovely lady in your life? It couldn’t be more simple…

It consists of all of the main ingredients of chocolate based puddings but for an extra twist in the first layer you add coconut, almonds, and wafer crumbs (it’s a little messy to eat so make sure you pack the napkins!). The second layer is the custard part, with a little vanilla twist too. The third layer tops it off with more chocolatey goodness – definitely one for the coco addicts among us!

nanaimo-bar-close-693x800-433x500The best thing about the bar is that it requires no baking – so perfect for whipping up as an after dinner treat whilst on board. You can also add in whatever kind of flavors your heart desires. Some people add a little minty freshness, maybe a slathering of peanut butter, or a little caffeine hit of coffee to make your bar mocha.

There have been competitions across the area to see who can come up with the recipe. One contest that continued for a long four weeks saw over 100 different variations of the famous treat. The winner of this contest was Joyce Hardcastle and you can find her special recipe for the Nanaimo bar here – just in case you want to cook up your own batch on board the yacht.

The Nanaimo bar is one example of the rich food culture of Vancouver. It is very much a food loving city. Vancouverites get very excited by the famous Nanaimo bar, but there are lots of other delicious delicacies that are well known in the region. Prawns, steak, fresh tomatoes, or something a little more exotic like a ramen are also all very popular choices.

The West Coast is most famous for its ample selection of seafood. Here you can find mussels, oysters, and wild salmon if you find yourself venturing west on the yacht. Prawns, crab and many more varieties of locally-caught seafood are always on the menu. You can find some great eats in the finest restaurants to the street food trucks.

1974975_10151959021255563_510536402_nAnother great thing about Vancouver food culture is that they are all about sustainability. They really care where their ingredients come from, and this means that many menus cite where their stock came from right down to the fisherman’s boat or the farm. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol whenever you are ordering. Vegetables and meat are also locally sourced which is good for the planet and the economy.

As well as the local Vancouver food, you can find a stunning array of multi-cultural dishes to tantalise your taste buds. From Japanese to Belgian, French to Peruvian – you will certainly never get bored when filling up in Vancouver and Nanaimo. The beauty of travelling by yacht is you can travel
in one of the most luxurious and relaxing ways possible, with some of the world’s most breath-taking scenery to feast your eyes on too when searching for the next feast to feed your stomach.

more-prawns_6550111051_l-300x225If the sweet treat kind of bar doesn’t take your fancy and you find yourself wondering – why is the rum always gone? Well you are in luck, as if you are moored in Nanaimo there is no shortage of late night entertainment venues to keep you going until the small hours. There is the Casino, the Entertainment Centre, The Queens, The Spice Lounge, The Diners Rendevouz, Club 241 and many more!

One thing is certain however, if you are yachting in Nanaimo you simply must try a bite of the legendary Nanaimo bar. It’s chocolatey goodness will overwhelm the senses and is sure to leave a taste of Nanaimo that you will never forget.