Discover the secrets of Secret Cove – Nanaimo Yacht Charters

Discover the secrets of Secret Cove with Nanaimo Yacht ChartersSo if you’re cruising Vancouver and looking for a new adventure, one of the most beautiful and serene ports you can visit has to be Secret Cove. As your yacht sails into one of nature’s most beautiful locations, discover a perfect location that has everything you need, whether for rest and relaxation, a romantic getaway or even a location for refocusing and revitalizing.

As you approach the cove, you’re greeted by the stunning skyscrapers of Douglas-fir and Arbutus. With such a wonderfully romantic name you can certainly be assured of something special when you arrive. Enjoy breathtaking views from your yacht and look forward to a warm welcome as you come ashore to this beautiful bay.

Secret Cove is well known for its protected anchorages, thanks to its gentle bays and coves. It’s definitely worth taking time out to visit some of the beautiful pristine wooded areas that the cove has to offer. You can also look forward to enjoying some fantastic great west coast cuisine at one of the local restaurants.

Secret Cove is well known for its protected anchorages, thanks to its gentle bays and coves.

Thinking of exploring into town, there’s a post office and liquor sales outlet plus you can also find a great parlor that serves delicious ice cream. You’ll also be recommended to visit the Secret Cove Marine, where you’ll find a complete range of services. Secure mooring is also available.

There are a variety of hotels available if you’re looking to stay at the Cove, many offering fabulous views across Sunshine Coast’s finest locations. There are many different activities for you to take part in here too such as golf, swimming, walking and kayaking, however if it’s peace and tranquility that you’re after, you’ve also come to the right place. If you’ve chosen a yacht charter to celebrate a special occasion such as milestone birthday or anniversary, Secret Cove is a perfect location to create many new happy memories to remember.

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